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Lundsøe has more than 10,000 pallet locations distributed over 3 cold stores in Svenstrup, Nørresundby, Aarhus and the Greenlandic port of Aalborg.

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Our packing facility lies in Nørresundby where we offer bag packing, glazing, re-lidding and much more.

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We help with transportation.

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About Lundsøe

Welcome to Lundsøe. We offer our customers a complete storage and logistics solution for temperature regulated food products.

Our sectioned refrigeration and cold stores creates the opportunity to store in both short and long periods of time. completely customized according to each customers needs.

We also offer procedures like; freezing, picking, counterbalance weighing, sorting, palletising, transloading, labeling as well as inspection and sampling among others. The packing facility at Lundsøe provides customers the option of individual solutions for catering and retailing. We have an advanced production facility, which ensures a uniform quality and handling which is managed by a competent staff.

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