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COVID-19 statement

Lundsøe Køl & Frys monitors the developments in relation to the COVID-19 virus and accordingly implements measures, to protect the health of our employees and of parties we do business with. At the same time, we do our utmost to ensure the continuation of our business processes and to safeguard the interests of our customers.

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We can help with


Lundsøe has more than 10,000 pallet locations distributed over 3 cold stores in Svenstrup, Nørresundby, Aarhus and the Greenlandic port of Aalborg.

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Our packing facility lies in Nørresundby where we offer bag packing, glazing, re-lidding and much more.

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We help with transportation.

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About Lundsøe

Our sectioned refrigeration and cold stores create the opportunity to store in both short and long periods of time. Completely customized according to each customers needs.

We also offer procedures like; freezing, picking, counterbalance weighing, sorting, palletizing, transloading, labeling as well as inspection and sampling among others.

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